Dated: 01/02/2018

The General Secretaries
of Affiliated Unions of NFIR

Sub: Discussions of GS/NFIR held with Railway Board on 31/01/2018 – reg.

The GS/NFIR discussed with Railway Board on 31st Jan 2018 and reminded the following issues raised by the Federation from time to time:-

(i) Action to be expedited in the light of Supreme Court’s order for continuation of LARSGESS with proper safeguards.

(ii) Dispensing with ‘Very Good’ benchmark for granting financial upgradation under MACPS in Railways – already inputs given by NFIR.

(iii) Stepping up of pay of Loco Inspectors inducted prior to 01/01/2006 agreed with the NFIR on 5th Jan, 2018 in the meeting by CRB.

(iv) A venue of promotion for filling the vacancies of Station Managers in the wake of merger of GP 2800 with GP 4200. Federation requested the Railway Board to take speedy action on NFIR’s proposal.

(v) Keeping Ticekt Checking as separate category while taking steps in respect of commercial categories as per record note of discussions held with the NFIR.

Forwarded to the affiliates for information and conveying appropriately to the staff concerned.

Yours fraternally,
(Dr M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary

Source: NFIR