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File No. PC-VII/2019/RSRP/3

The General Manager/CAOs(R).

All Zonal Railways & Production Units, (As pei mailing list)

New Delhi, dated: 01.12.2022

Sub:    Clarification regarding upgradation of pay structure  of  certain  cadres— reg.

Vide Board’s letter RB E No. 155/2022 dated 17.11.2022. orders for upgrading the pay scales of 46 Gtoiip ‘C’ categories of certain departments were issued.

2.         Subsequently queries have been received from various field units regarding modalities to be followed while implementing the aforesaid orders. The queries have been examined in consultation with concerned directorates of Railway Board and clarified as under:-

S. No.PointClarification proposéd to be issued
(i)Modalities    to   be adoptedThere    is   no   change   in the   classification   or
 while granting upgradationfunctional responsibilities/duties performed   with
  i-espect to the upgraded posts in Level-8 and Level-
  9. As such, the upgraded posts may be classified as
  Non selection and may be filled up on the basis of
  seniority,     scrutiny    of                   service                   records     and
  Confidential Reports, without holding any written
  tests and / or viva voce. The extant instructions
  issued by Establishment Directorate in this regard
  may please be referred.
(ii)Whether       Vigilance/D&A clearance will be applicable on upgradation in Level-8The extant practice being followed for promotion in level-7 in respect of Vigilance/D&A Clearance will be applicable for upgradation from Lcvel-7 to Level-8 and Level-8 to Level-9 as per extant instructions
(iii)Provision of ReservationReservation will apply as per extant rules.
(iv)While      determining      the number of posts for the purpose of upgradation, the entire cadre strength of a category has to be taken into consider ation or not.Yes, while determining the number of posts for upgradation, the permanent regular cadre strength of that particular category in Level-7 (excluding surplus & supernumerary posts) has to be taken into consideration.
  As regards, counting of temporary posts for the purpose of determining the cadre strength, only
those temporary posts which are in operation for at least three years may also be taken into account. This will be subject to certification that these posts are meant for regular activities which will continue and not for any sporadic requirements.   These orders will not be applicable to ex-cadre work- char-ged posts which will continue to be based on worth of charge.
(v)The procedure to be adopted for future dii-ect recruitment.Since all the posts in three grades remain in Group ‘C’ and there is no change in designation, for the purpose of calculation of vacancies for Direct Recruitment, the vacancies occurring in all three grades i.e. Level-7, Level-8, Level-9 (non- functional) will be taken altogether. However, Direct Recruitment will only be made in the grade of Level-7.
(vi)Whether     any     minimum services required for upgradation to Level-8 which is being materialised w.e.f. 01.12.2022.Minimum residency period as per extant rules as prescribed for promotion to non selection posts would be applicable for up gradation to Level-8. Further probationers will not be eligible for the benefit of up gradation.
(vii)Whether any rounding off post is to be adopted while upgrading the number of post.Only the whole number may be taken for the purpose of granting upgradation.   To illustrate further, if the cadre is of 675 posts, while granting the upgradation to 50% post the number comes to 337.5 posts. In this case the number of 337.5 may not be rounded off to 338 but the whole number of 337 may be taken into consideration for operating in the upgraded in the Level-8 and remaining 338 posts will be operated in Level-7.
  Whether rounding off has to be adopted while deciding the matching saving.While calculating the matching savings, number of posts equivalent to the money value required, are required to be sunendered.   To illustrate further, in case the number of posts is required to be surrendered is coming in fractions (for example 7.2), if it is decided to surrender only 7 posts, the equivalent money value can not be an ived at. Hence, the figure may be rounded off to 8 and the surplus value generated against surrender of 8 posts may be transfened to the vacancy bank for future utilization.
    The   illustration    issued   along                             with      RBE No. 15 J/2022 stands modified to this extent.
(x)If      number      of      posts equivalent to the money value are not available for sunender,                                 whether upgradation can be grantedIn this scenario, upgradation may be granted to the posts which are available for sunender. For granting the benefit of upgradation to the remaining posts, point 4(iv)(Annexure-11) under RBE No. 155/2022 may be refeiTed to.
  Inclusion          of                         SSE Drawing/Design etc. in Civil and Electrical in the list.It has already been mentioned in the letter RBE No. 155 2022 that certain categories exist in certain Railways only. Hence the identically placed catcgories under the broad designation of SSE such as SSE(Drawing/Design) etc. in Level-7 under Engineering Departments are part of the upgradation as per RBE No. 155/2022.
(Xi)Inclusion   of    Commercial Inspectors and St. Wagon Movement                             Inspectors working in Level-7.It has already been specified in the letter RBE No. 155/2022 that certain designations exist in certain Railways only. Since, categories of Commercial Supdt. and Traffic Inspector in Ley el-7 has already been granted the benefit, identically placed categories of Traffic/Commercial departments in Level-7 are part of the upgradation as per RBE No. 155/2022.
(Xii)Whether    upgradation     to Level-8 and further to Leve1-9 (non-functional) in terms           of           Board’s instructions RBE No. 155/2022 are to be reckoned for the purpose of MACPS.Yes. As every financial upgradation has to be counted and offset against the financial upgradation under MACPS in terms of extant instructions for regulation of MACPS.

2.         This issues in consultation with Estt.(NG) and E(SCT) Directorate of Railway Board and with the approval of Competent Authority.