Upgradation of pay structure of certain cadres: Railway Board Order RBE No. 155/2022


PC-VII No. 200

RBE No. 155 /2022

No. PC-VII/2019/RSRP/3

dated 17/11/2022

The General Manager/CAOs(R),
All India Railways & Production Units,
(As per mailing list)

Sub: – Upgradation of pay structure of certain cadres.

Consequent upon approval conveyed by Ministry of Finance vide their ID Note No. 36(1)/E.TI(B),2015 dated 01.11.2022, the President has now accorded his approval for upgrading the pay structure of certain Group ‘C’ cadres of Ministry of Railways detailed in the list enclosed as Annexure-I in following manner :-

(i) Upgradation of 50% posts from Level-7 (PB-2/GP-4600)/Group ‘C* to Level-8 (PB-2/GP-4800)/Group *C’.

(ii) Further upgradation of these 50% posts in Level-8 (PB-2/GP-4800)/Group ‘C’ to Level-9 (PB-2/GP-5400)/Group “C* on non-functional basis after 4 years of service in Level-8(PB-2/GP-4800).

2. Modalities governing above upgradation are enclosed as Annexure-II.

3. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

Encl : As above

(Jaya Kumar G)
Deputy Director, Pay Commission-VII & HRMS
Railway Board
e-mail: jaya.kumarg[at]gov.in
Ph. No: 011-47845125


List of Categories covered under Upgradation

SNName of the DepartmentDesignation Categories
1CivilSenior Section Engineer (SSE)lSr. Section Engineer/P-Way
2Sr. Section Engineer/Bridge
3Sr. Section Engineer/W orks
4Sr. Section Engineer/Civil
5Sr. Section Engineer/Estimator
6Sr. Section Engineer(Research) / Engineer
7Sr. Section Engineer/Track Machine
2ElectricalSenior Section Engineer (SSE)8Sr. Section Engineer/ Electrical/Electrical (GS)
9Sr. Section Engineer/ Electrical Operations
10Sr. Section Engineer/ Electrical Maintenance
11Sr. Section Engineer/ Electrical (TRD)
12Sr. Section Engineer/ Electrical (TRS)
13Sr. Section Engineer/ Electrical (RS)
14Sr. Section Engineer/ Electrical
15Sr. Section Engineer/Workshop
3MechanicalSenior Section Engineer (SSE), Chemical & Metallurgical Supdt.16Sr. Section Engineer/ Mechanical Workshop
17Sr. Section Engineer/ Mechanical
18Sr. Section Engineer/ Carriage & Wagon
19Sr. Section Engineer/ Dsl Mechanical
20Sr. Section Engineer/ Dsl Electrical
21Sr. Section Engineer/ Dsl (A)
22Sr. Section Engineer/ Loco
23Sr. Section Engineer/ J&T(Jig&Tools)/
24Sr. Section Engineer/ Drawing
25Sr. Section Engineer/ Design Mechanical
26Sr. Section Engineer/ Engg Workshop
27Sr. Section Engineer/ Mechanical/ Dy.Car/ BG & MG
28Sr. Section Engineer/Melting
29Chemical & Metallurgical Supdt.
4Signal & Telecom (S&T)Senior Section Engineer30Sr. Section Engineer/Signal
31Sr. Section Engineer/Telecom
32Sr. Section Engineer/Drawing S&T
33Sr. Section Engineer/Research (Instrumentation)
34Sr. Section Engineer/ S&T Workshop
5Stores35Sr. Section Engineer/Printing Press
36Chief Depot Material Superintendent (CDMS)
6Traffic/ CommercialChief Controller, Station Manager/ Station Supdt, Chief Yard Master (CYM), Traffic Inspector, Commercial . Supdt., CRS, Chief Booking Supervisor, Chief Ticketing Inspector37Chief Controller
38Station Manager1Station Supdt.
39Chief Yard Master (CYM)
40Traffic Inspector
41Commercial Supdt.
43Chief Booking Supervisor
44Chief Ticketing Inspector
7Personnel/ MinisterialChief Office Superintendent, Chief Staff & Welfare Inspector45Chief Office Superintendent
46Chief Staff & Welfare Inspector

(Note # Certain designations exists i certain Railways only)



1Date of effect (hereinafter referred to as cut-off dateThis upgradation will be effective from 01.12.2022. While determining the 50% of the strength for benefit of granting the upgradation, sanctioned cadre strength on 30.11.2022 will be taken into consideration. The benefit of upgradation will be restricted to the persons who are in service on the cut-off date.
2Phases for implementation of above orders _(i) Phase-I : On the cut-off date, in first phae, only 50% posts of the cadre strength to be upgraded from Level-7 (PB-2/GPA600) to Level-8 (PB-2/GP- 4800).Pay LevelPercentage distributionLevel-7 (PB-2/GP-4600)50Level-8 (PB-2/GP-4800)50(ii) Phase-II : Further upgradation of the 50% posts in Level-8 (PB-2/GP-4800) to Level-9 (PB-2/GP- 5400)/Group ‘C’ on non-functional basis after 4 years of service in Level-8(PB-2/GP-4800). After implementation of Phase-II, cadre structure of supervisory categories would be as under :Pay LevelPercentage distributionLevel-7 (PB-2/GP-4600)50Level-8 (PB-2/GP-4800)25Level-9 (PB-2/GP-5400)25In any case, after four years the total number of posts in Level-8 & Level-9 will not be more than 50% of the total cadre strength.
3Annual review of the SchemeAfter the cut-off date, annual review of the Scheme to be taken on 1st July of every year.
4Matching Saving(i) Entire scheme of upgradation is to be financially neutral proposition. For working out the financially implications and ensuring financial neutrality, methodology prescribed under Ministry of Finance/Department of Expenditure’s O.M No. 2(13)/E.III Desk/2017 dated 13.06.2018 (Annexure- 111) shall be followed. The methodology to be adopted is plained as under :-(ii) Financial implications shall be worked out as under :-Financial Implications =(Pay Cell l+Pay Cell 10 of Pay Level as per 7th CPC +DA)/2(iii) After working out the financial implications, the matching savings shall be effected from posts in Level-1 of the c.oncemed departments, before granting the benefit of upgradation to the cadre as per the revised percentage distribution of posts . An Illustration in this regard is enclosed as Annexure -IV(iv) If the Department/Railways are not able to provide the matching savings, the particular category/department will not be granted the benefit of upgradation till such time alternative solution is found with the approval of Board.(v) While effecting surrender of posts of equivalent financial value, the existing vacant posts available in the categories on the cut-off date shall also be considered.(vi) Details of posts so surrendered shall be intimated to Board invariably.
5Classification and designationThere will be no change m the nomenclature/designation, duties and responsibilities and classification of the posts after upgradation and they will remain classified as Group ‘C’.
6Pay fixationPay Fixation benefits as per extant Rules will be applicable.