The Allowances Committee has finalized a proposal on the House Rent Allowances( HRA) for central government employees.

According to the blog of central government employees, the committee met on September 1 and proposed increasing HRA by 1 Stage to reach 30% , 20% and 10% .

Attributing to sources, the blog adds that the committee proposed to start the HRA rates initially from 27%, 18% and 9% and after DA reaches 50% the House Rent Allowance will be revised to 30%, 20% and 10% for X,Y and Z cities respectively.

The proposal is expected to be finalised in the meeting on Allowance to be held on Tuesday i.e October 25.

Allowance Committee and National Concil (Staff Side) Joint Consultative Machinery(  NCJCM) Standing Committee is meeting to firm up the view on various allowances given to central government employees pertaining to Department of Personnel & Training.

The pay Commission recommended HRA at the rates initially from 24%, 16%, and 8 % and whenever DA reaches 50% it will be increased to 27%, 18% and 9% and Finally after DA reaches 100% the HRA will be revised to 30% , 20% and 10% for X,Y and Z cities respectively.

The NCJCM has demanded in its Memorandum submitted to the 7th Pay Commission that 60%, 40% and 20% HRA to be recommended for X,Y and Z cities.