Directorate General of Income Tax (Vigilance) has issued the  Principles laid  down  by  Hon’ble  Supreme  Court   in  the  judgment  in Civil   Appeal   No.   1912  of  2015   in  the   case   of  Shri   Ajay   Kumar Choudhary Vs. Union of India –  Circular – reg.

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F.No.DGIT(Vig.)/HQ/Misc./2015-16/1285                                                                               Dated: 05.06.2015


All Principal Chief Commissioners of Income Tax (CCA)

SUB:   Principles laid  down  by  Hon’ble  Supreme  Court   in  the  judgment  in Civil   Appeal   No.   1912  of  2015   in  the   case   of  Shri   Ajay   Kumar Choudhary Vs. Union of India –  Circular – reg.

Sir/ Madam,

Kindly refer to the above mentioned subject.

2.         In this regard I am directed to draw your kind attention to the principles  laid down by Hon’ble  Supreme Court in the judgment  in Civil Appeal No.  1912 of 2015 in the case of Shri Ajay Kumar Choudhary Vs. Union of India. Hon’ble  Apex Court has laid down the following principles in para 14 of the judgment: –

a)        The direction  of the Central Vigilance  Commission that pending a criminal investigation,  departmental  proceedings  are to be held in abeyance,  is now superseded.

b)         The currency of a Suspension Order should not extend beyond three months if within this period the Memorandum  of Charges/Charge sheet  is not served on the delinquent officer/employee.

c)         If  the  Memorandum  of  Charges/Chargesheet   is served,  a  reasoned  order must be passed for the extension of the suspension.

d)        The Government  is free to transfer the concerned person to any Department in any of its offices within or outside  the State so as to sever any   local or personal contact. that  he may have and which he may misuse for obstructing the investigation against him.

e)         The  Government  may  also  prohibit  him  from  contacting  any  person,  or handling records and documents till the stage, he is required to prepare his defence.

3.          I am  further  directed  to  request  that  these  principles  may also  kindly  be communicated  to all  Chief  Commissioners of Income  Taxi  Directors  General  of Income  Tax,  all  Principal  Commissioners  of Income  Taxi Principal  Directors  of Income Tax  and  all  Commissioners   of  Income  Taxi  Directors  of  Income  Tax functioning in your Region as they also conduct disciplinary proceedings in cases of departmental    officers/    officials.    Further,    pending    Disciplinary    Proceedings/ suspension   cases  may  be  reviewed  urgently  in  light  of  directions  of  Hon’ble Supreme Court.

4.         I am also directed to request that in all such cases where officers/  officials are transferred to a different station after revocation of their suspension, the transfer order  must  specifically  refer  to the judgment  in this case and mention  about  the liberty  granted  by  the  Hon’ble   Supreme  Court,  so  that  the  transfer  cannot  be challenged  as being in violation  of Transfer Policy.  Further,  in all such cases where the  officers/  officials   are  retained  at  the  same  station  after  revocation  of  their suspension, orders may be issued prohibiting such officers/ officials from contacting any  person;  or  handling  records  and  documents  till the  stage  of their  having  to prepare their defence

Yours faithfully,
(Rakesh Gupta)

Addl. Director of Income Tax (Vig) (HQ)
New Delhi