A large number of international students, including Indian, choose to head for the USA for their education. Almost 4 % of the students going for higher education in USA are international ones. This has made USA the country with the largest population of international students. USA gives ample opportunity to Indian students to widen their knowledge, education and life experience.
If you are an Indian student planning for education in USA, you need to think over a lot of matters. The first step would certainlycheapest places in usa be the selection of a good and cost effective school or college. The next big decision you need to make is to choose the city where you would reside. USA is an expensive country, particularly for the Indian students. The city, you would choose, should be cheap from all aspects like living costs, transportation costs, healthcare costs and the likes.
Low Living Costs are quite important for Indian Students in USA
Below appears the list of the 10 most cost effective cities for Indian students to reside in. Five of these are located in the states of Arkansas and Texas.

1. Idaho Falls, Idaho

Living costs: 12% below the average
The housing expenses of this city are below the average national expenses, by 29.2 %. The resident of Idaho Falls can afford to get big things at small budgets. The aspect of affordable housing results in low living costs in this small city. As a student, you would perhaps go for renting a house, and this is a city which offers you quite low rental prices, which is about only $655 per month, on average. The nation wide rental price is about $870. Even vegetables like potatoes are extremely cheap in this city, which is about 26% lesser than the national average price.

2. Conway, Ark.

Living costs: 12.1% below the average.
This city is located to the north of Little Rock by 30 miles. You will find this city a world away in terms of living costs. Each and every facility like utilities, healthcare and others are cheaper in this city as compared to the state capital. The doctor’s bill amount is lesser than the average by 17%, optical checkup by 19% and dental checkup, by 23%.

3. Springfield, Ill.

Living costs: 12.3% below the average
The median home value is about 39% below the median of US. In case, you wish to purchase a home, you can get one at a price that is half of that in Chicago. Utilities costs are quite low like phone service charges, electricity bills and the likes. They are about 15.2% lower than the national average.

4. Pueblo, Colo.

Living costs: 12.9% below the average
This is a small city located in southern Colorado, at a distanced of 100 miles from the city of Denver. The median value of home is half than the state’s average costs. The city’s median household income is about 34% lesser than that of the nation, and hence, it is the city with the lowest median household income in this list.

5. Wichita Falls, Texas

Living costs: 13.6% below the average
In this list, this city has the second-lowest values of home. The rental prices are also quite low. This city has relatively lower unemployment rates.

6. Fayetteville, Ark:

Living costs: 14% below the average:
This cost effective city is located in Arkansas, at its north western corner. This city comprises of the University of Arkansas, which serves as a major local employer. The people of this city do not have huge salaries, but the unemployment is certainly below average. Costs of housing, utility and transportation are quite low.

7. Memphis, Tenn

Living costs: 14% below the average
This is a big city, but it is not big in terms of prices. It is located near the Mississippi river; and hence, is a hub for transportation and shipping industries. This city consists of three companies of Fortune 500. It also includes numerous universities and colleges.

8. Norman, Okla.:

Living costs: 14.4% below the average
Norman is a city comprising of high incomes, low living costs and low unemployment. Healthcare and housing aspects are particularly affordable. Rental prices and doctor visit charges are also quite low.

9. McAllen, Texas

Living costs: 14.6% below the average
This city has high rates of unemployment, but has considerably low living costs, groceries costs and housing costs.

10.  Harlingen, Texas

Living costs: 18.2% below the average
This city has ultra-low costs of living. Housing and groceries are remarkably cheap. You will find very few cities that have cheaper groceries than this city.
This list of the cost effective cities can help you decide the place to reside in, for your education in USA. The low living costs can make life a lot easy for you as a student at USA.
When Indian students plan to go to the USA for education, they need to carefully select a cost effective city, to live in the USA.