Different people will tell you different tales about their travels to Edinburgh and the epicenter of the stories is rarely likely to be the same. 

While some will talk about the history of the city, others will talk about the excellently landscaped parks and still others will talk about the night life and the amazing bars and clubs.
The months of April to June are a good time to go to Edinburgh as the temperatures are not as low and rainfall is the least in these months. We traveled in April and day temperatures were between 12 to 16 degrees. Edinburgh does have the tendency to surprise you with untimely rain showers so going here anytime after July is not a good idea.

When in Edinburgh, concentrate more on the drinks and less on the food. For one thing, it’ll help you stay warm and for another, they have an amazing variety of never before seen cocktails. Since this is a college city, you’ll find a few underground (literally) clubs and bars open till 7 am!

For the best antipasti and cheese platter, head to Italian restaurant Ecco Vino at the castle end of the Royal Mile. For a great breakfast after a long night of drinking, head to Urban Angel – try their waffles, pancakes, eggs Florentine, eggs Benedict and fresher than fresh juices.

Places of interest
Like I said earlier, Edinburgh has a hearty mixture of places to see and things to do. Edinburgh has been a major seat of education from the middle ages and has tons of universities, is a great student town and full of young people. There are also tons of musical entertainment like the Scottish Chamber orchestra and the Scottish Baroque Ensemble. Also, there are a number of libraries, museums and art galleries. The National Gallery of Scotland is extremely famous and contains paintings from artists as early as Titian, Rubens and Rembrandt.

Some of the most famous sites which attract tourists are:-

The Edinburgh Castle
The Edinburgh castle stands on a huge rock overlooking the city. Pipers in kilts lead frequent parades past the castle gates. We went up to the castle but a sudden untimely rain shower made us run for cover without having clicked any pictures.

The Royal Mile
Also known as the high street of Edinburgh, this is the old cobbled street with museums and historical monuments on either side. The St Giles Cathedral, the Heart of Midlothian and theScottish Parliament are all located here.

Palace of Holyroodhouse
The palace of Holyroodhouse lies at the lower end of the Royal Mile. It is the monarch’s official residence.

Holyrood Park
The Holyrood Park is next to the holyrood palace. It is famous for its flock of sheep, its lochs and the steep summit of Arthur’s seat and Salisbury Craigs. A lot of the little lakes here are formed due to water collected in volcanic craters as this used to be a region of major volcanic activity decades ago.

The New Parliament House
As the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is the location of the headquarters of the central government’s Scottish departments. Thousands of civil servants work in the new St Andrews House.