A recently-organized all women trek in the city has kick-started the trend of trekking in the city. We find out more on the emerging trend

When women have stepped into every possible territory hitherto dominated by men, can trekking remain behind? An all-women trek to Thalamalai Hills that was recently organized by one of city’s trekking clubs and fitness centres, had women participating in large numbers and was declared a major hit among women in Trichy. Cashing in on its success, nammaTrichy is planning to offer city’s fitness enthusiasts more such programmes.

Thenmozhi Ravindran, who was part of the fitness studio that organised the trek and the brain behind the concept, says that such treks, test the physical and mental ability of women. “Not everyone who takes part in such treks, hit the gym regularly. It is all about mental strength and how much one is capable of doing mentally and physically.”

Ramesh Kamak, member of the Trichy Trekking Club tells us that he never thought that women would be so co-operative and would enjoy trekking to this extent. “It usually takes a frequent trekker around five hours to complete the uphill climb, but these women did it in three and half hours. Since most of them were new to the whole idea of trekking, they were all very excited. It was an opportunity to explore their wild sides.”

Savithri Saravanan, another organiser, says that they are planning more such treks and it is a delight to be with such a group. “We had great fun though the climb was tiring; it was nice to catch up with other women of similar interests. And since it is an all-women trek, we look out for each other and understand better about how much we can do.”

It now looks like this all-women trek has paved way to many trekking expeditions in the city. “Trekking has now become an integral part of the life of Trichiites. We plan something or the other every month — including bike treks, adventure sports, and photo treks. We usually have a good turnout of at least 40 – 50 people for each trek and the club is growing to become a massive social network in the city. Earlier only a handful of them participated as they considered themselves unfit both physically and mentally, but now these adventure sports have become reason enough to spend time,” says Ramesh.

With another trek on September 30 and October 1 on the anvil to Yercaud, Trichy is becoming one trekking destination.