History : Panchgani was founded by lord john Chesson in the year 1860 and was appointed the superintendent. Sir Bartle Freere declared it as a Hill Sanatorium for the Europeans in the year 1863. The Panchgani Hill Station Muncipal Councial was established in the year 1910, with Rev Thomas Rowan as the first President. administration Rowan as the first president. The administration and the provision of civil amenities within the municipal limits are handled by the Municipality.

Geography and climate: 

Panchgani is nestled at middle of five hills in the Sahyādri mountain ranges,also there are five villages around the Pachgani are Dandeghar,Khingar,Godwali, Amral & Taighat .The Krishnā River flows nearby which made the lake of Dhom Dam on the Krishna 9 K.M. from Wai. BOUNDARIES:- Panchgani is situated about 285 km, 100 km 18 km,45 km & 10  respectively, from Mumbai, PuneMahābāleshwar Satara & Wai. The east of the Pachgani is Wai, Bavdhan & Nagewadi dam, at west there is Gureghar,at south is Khingar & Rajpuri,& on north is Dhom Dam.

The temperature in Panchgani is around 12C during the winter, and sometimes reaches 34C during the summer; however the humidity level is very low. The Monsoon rains hit here hardest and the rainy season spans between June and February, allowing the region three months of relatively dry and sunny spring.

The five hills surrounding Panchgani are topped by a volcanic plateau, which is the second highest in Asia after the Tibetan plateau. These plateaus, alternatively known as “table land”, are a part of the Deccan Plateau and they were raised by pressure between the earth plates. The area has high seismic activity, with an epicenter near Koynānagar where the Koynanagar Dam and a hydroelectric power plant have been built.

Sydney Point: This point is situated on a hillock facing the Krishna Valley. One can see from here the glittering waters of the Dhom Dam, and Pāndavgad and Mandhārdeo. Sydney point is about 2 km from Panchgani Bus stand.

Table Land: This flat large expanse of laterite rock is the second longest mountain plateau in Asia. Some spacious caves including the “Devil’s Kitchen” are visible from here.

Parsi Point: This scenic point is situated on the way to Mahabaleshwar, and overlooks the Krishna valley and the blue shiny waters of the Dhom Dam.

Devil’s Kitchen: Situated at the south of the table land, the Devil’s Kitchen has a mythology associated with it: It is believed that the Pāndavas of the Mahābhārat epic had stayed here for a while. Pāndavgad Caves (near Wāi) are also said to be built by them then.

Mapro Garden: Situated on the curvaceous roads between Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar, it is easily accessible by buses originating both from Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar. A haven for tourists hungry for strawberry delicacies as well as factory fresh items like jams, syrups squashes and confectionery items by Mapro Foods Pvt Ltd.

How can one reach Panchgani?

Situated on the highway between the Pune and Mahabaleshwar cities of Maharashtra, the town of Panchgani can be easily reached by roadways. This beautiful hill station of the Sahyadris is even well connected by rail and airways.

  1. By road: Broad and stretched roads from the state’s important cities like Mumbai, Pune and Mahabaleshwar will take you to this hilly destination. Regular luxury buses run by M. T. D. C. (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) are available from the cities of Pune and Mumbai. Apart from that, you can avail any of the state transport bus services, which ply from Mahabaleshwar, Mahad, Pune, Satara and Wai. Local taxis, jeeps, motor bikes and horse rides can even be availed for traveling within the hill station.
  2. By rail: Though the nearest railway station to the town is Wathar, which is located at a distance of 45 kms on the South Central Indian Railway’s Miraj – Kolhapur section, but the place is best served by the Pune railway station, which is 98 kms away from Panchgani.
  3. By airport: The town has not got any airport. However, the airport in Pune, the nearest airport to the place helps the hill station to connect to the other parts of the country. The distance in between Pune’s airport and Panchgani is almost 98 kms.