Munnar in Kerala is an ideal getaway for all those who want to enjoy some genuine lovely moments with nature

As you start your journey from Kochi in a taxi, up the hills towards Munnar, the snake road makes you feel dizzy and you want your journey to get over as fast as possible. But as you go round and round and climb towards the hill station which is situated at a height of 6000 ft and at a distance of 140 kms from Kochi, you realise that this hill station in Kerala is tremendously gifted and not for nothing that it adds to the tranquil beauty of nature in the state. The weather suddenly turns cooler, the fogs are travelling over the mountains and the first signs of women plucking tea from the green tea gardens, is an indication that you have arrived in Munnar.

There are some beautiful resorts situated in Munnar and Siena Village. Located in one on of the hills overlooking the valley and surrounded by huge mountains, this becomes an ideal place to just sit back and marvel at nature’s beauty. In the monsoon, the weather is so cold and windy that you could easily be blown away by the winds. It’s also very cold and you need a sweater or jacket to keep you warm especially in the early mornings and late evenings when it rains. There is no special sightseeing at this hill station but once you reach there, you feel you just want to enjoy the flora and fauna than indulge in any sight-seeing here. However, if one wants to trek and enjoy watching animals in the wild, then the Eravikulam National Park, 15 km from Munnar is worth a trip. At a height of 2695 metres, the bus takes you there and then you take a trek if you want to go higher up and spot animals. It’s a fantastic view as you look below, the tea gardens. A warm cup of coffee and masala cashew nuts make you indulge in a heavenlyexperience as you enjoy the rains and the cool weather.

If you feel that since it is Kerala, you will find good fish then you will be in for a surprise. Since it’s a hill station, you don’t get to eat fish here, but it is a treat to find nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon and such other spices’ trees here in addition to the tea gardens. The markets here are known for their bakery items like unni appams and homemade chocolates. A visit to the spices garden or flower garden makes you realise how gifted the hill station is. Do not forget to indulge in some spice shopping.

As we walk past the green tea gardens and click pictures with an occasional waterfall amidst the mountains, you realise that one trip is definitely not enough! You need to come back again!

How to reach Munnar:

Private and government operated (KSRTC – Kerala State Road Transport Corporation) buses are available to various locations of Kerala. Buses are the cheapest form of transport to Munnar. Regular bus services to Tamil Nadu (towns like Theni, Kumbam, Madurai and Coimbatore) are operated by Tamil Nadu and Kerala Governments.

KSRTC has a bus station at the south of the town. Town bus stand is located in the modern new bazar.

Tourist Cars, Jeeps and Auto rikshaws available for getting around. Bicycles and bikes are also available for daily rent.

Munnar has 4 major roads:

Kochi road, Thekkady road, Top Station road, Marayoor road

Distance Chart:

Munnar – Ernakulam (135km) 4 1/2 hours

Munnar – Thekkady (110km) 4 hours

Munnar – Thiruvananthapuram (300km) 9 hours

Munnar – Palani (120km)

Munnar – Coimbatore (150km) 6 hours

Munnar – Madurai ( km) 6 hours

By Air : The nearest airport is Nedumbassery, Cochin.
By Rail : Alwaye is the nearest railway station 130 km away from Munar, which is connected to all the major cities in India.
By Road : Munnar is accessible by road from most of the cities and town in Kerala. You can also reach Munnar form Coimbatore (248 kms. just 6 hrs away) and Madurai (165 kms just 5 hrs away) in TamilNadu. From cochin by 3.5 hrs.