It’s official that 7th Pay Commission to submit its report soon

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We have already posted that work of 7th Pay commission is near completion and its report is expected to come out in the Month of September 2015. Now the 7th Pay Commission has officially stated that all formalities of meeting with stake holders have been completed and now pay commission will not meet any stakeholders further.

This shows that 7th Pay Commission will now study all the data and memorandum available for two moths and report will certainly come out in the month of August or September. Our sources say that 7th Pay Commission will complete its work by August and report will be submitted in the last week of August or first week of September 2015. After that government will take few days to implement the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission. By all means it is certain that Pay Commission will be implemented on 01.01.2016.

Contents put on by the Pay Commission on its website have been reproduced below:-

“Further to the memoranda received from a variety of Organisations, Federations, Groups representing civil employees in the Government of India as also from the Defence Services, the Commission has had fruitful and wide ranging discussions on relevant issues with all stakeholders. Such interactions have now been concluded. Valuable inputs have been received and the work of compilation and finalization of the report is underway, so that the Commission completes its task in the time frame given to it. Accordingly, any future requests for meeting with the Commission will not be entertained.”

Central government employees are eagerly waiting for the 7th Pay Commission report since its inception and they are delighted that their wait is almost over. Government employees are reeling under back breaker inflation with Dearness Allowance already touching sky rocketed figure of 113% and another installment of DA is soon to be announced in July. With the implementation of 7th Pay Commission whole DA is expected to be merged with basic pay. Apart from this Fixation Multiplication Factor is another big thing which will change the fortunes of the employees. Government of India has already upgraded the Indian Cities as far as HRA is concerned, but it would be interesting to watch if pay commission revise 30%, 20% and 10% HRA limits for various cities in India. It is expected that 5% increase in limits for HRA for all types of cities in India would be recommended by the Pay Commission.  Let’s hope it ends well for all Government Employees.

What are the expectations of Central Government Employees from 7th Pay Commission:-

1. General formula for determination of pay scale based on minimum living wage demanded for MTS is pay in PB+GP x 3.7.

2. Annual rate of increment @ 5% of the pay.

3. Fixation of pay on promotion = 2 increments and difference of pay between present and promotional posts (minimum Rs.3000).

4. The pay structure demanded is as under:-

Exiting Proposed (in Rs.)
PB-1, GP Rs.1800              26,000

PB-1, GP Rs.1900]
PB-1, GP Rs.2000]            33,000

PB-1, GP Rs. 2400]
PB-1, GP Rs.2800]           46,000

PB-2, GP Rs.4200             56,000
PB-2, GP Rs.4600]
PB-2, GP Rs.4800]            74,000
PB-2, GP Rs.5400              78,000
5. Dearness Allowances on the basis of 12 monthly average of CPI, Payment on 1st Jan and 1st July every year.

6. Overtime Allowances on the basis of total Pay+DA+Full TA.

7 Liabilities of all Government dues of persons died in harness be waived.

8. Transfer Policy – Group `C and `D Staff should not be transferred. DoPT should issue clear cut guideline as per 5th CPC recommendation. Govt. should from a Transfer Policy in each department for transferring on mutual basis on promotion. Any order issued in violation of policy framed be cancelled by head of department on representation.

9. Transport Allowance –
X Class Cities                                                                  Y Class Cities

Pay up to Rs.75,000 Rs.7500 + DA Rs.3750 + DA          Pay above Rs.75,000 Rs.6500 + DA Rs.3500 + DA