7th Pay Commission report will be submitted by September 2015

ESTD 1959 (Recognised by Govt. of India)

R. Srinivasan
General Secretary


Date 09/06/2015

All Affiliated Unions of INDWF

Dear Colleagues,

On 09.06.2015 a meeting was attended by the Standing Committee members of National Council, JCM with the 7th Central Pay Commission at Pay commission office, New Delhi. Representatives of the following organisations have participated

NFIR, AIRF, INDWF, AIDEF, Audit & Accounts, Income Tax Association, Postal

1) The Chairman of 7th CPC mentioned that 7th CPC report will be submitted to the Government of India well within the time by September 2015.

2) VII CPC report will be implemented on their recommendations w.e.f. 01.01.2016 and not from 01.01.2014 as demanded.

3) The minimum pay and pay structure will be decided by taking into account on the price index of 01.01.2016 for that the provisions are kept. Staff side insisted that 7th CPC should adopt the need based minimum wage formula at the minimum level; the intrinsic value of the assigned job at the intermediary level; the necessity to keep the relativity both at horizontal and vertical level and the need to provide a reasonable salary for the top bureaucrats, taking into account the perks. privileges, benefits, allowances and concessions that go with the posts. 7th CPC gave positive response on this.

4) Fitment formula will be equally made applicable for all ranks and it has been worked out already.

5) Parity in respect of common categories working in Secretariat and subordinate offices will be taken care and it has been taken note.

6) In respect of Pension, for the pre pay commission retirees and after pay commission retirees will be taken care by following some metrics and will be taken care.

7) While fixing minimum pay, DA increase on 01.07.2015 and 01.01.2016 will be taken into account and accordingly it will be decided.

8) JCM urged that the Need-based Minimum Wage concept to compute pay at the minimum level may be adopted. Pay commission should take into account the outside rates to determine the pay package at senior levels of bureaucracy but maintain the ratio between the minimum and maximum at 1: 8 (MTS to Secretary to Government of India). Staff side insisted that minimum pay at lowest level of Group ‘C’ staff should be Rs.26000. 7th Pay commission gave positive assurance on this.

9) Staff side demanded open ended pay scales to ensure that no employee stagnates without increment. We have suggested only 14 Pay scales. Minimum of which is Rs.26000 and Maximum Rs.78000 for Group ‘C’ employees. We suggested that the multiplication factor (26000/7000 = 3.7) may be applied uniformly in all the cases to arrive at the revised pay in the new scales of pay. We also suggested that the benefit on promotion. therefore, should be : two increments in the feeder cadre. 7th CPC agreed to act positively on this.

10) Bonus: Presently the PLBB and adhoc Bonus are calculated on the deemed provision that one’s total emoluments is only Rs.3500/-. This is an absolutely irrational stipulation and must be removed. We request that the Commission to recommend to the Government to remove the said stipulation and grant the bonus on the basis of the actual emolument of the employee. 7th CPC agreed to recommend our demand with positive note.

11) Chairman, 7th CPC mentioned that the memorandum and proposals submitted by the National Council Standing committee have been taken into consideration to prepare the report.

12) Demanded that the present Ex-Gratia Rs.10 Lakhs to Government employees in case of death while on duty should be raised to Rs.50 Lakhs would be considered.

13) Insurance (CGIES) coverage for employees to be raised from the existing Rs.30000/- to Rs. 3.5 Lakhs for which Rs.350/- premium will be paid. Agreed to continue 70:30 ratios for insurance and savings. They have already worked out methods by discussing with Insurance Company to increase the quantum. A decision will be recommended.

14) MTS: The introduction of Multi Tasking Staff (MTS) in Government organisation is creating lot of mismatching. Departments also raising objection on this to extract the work from MTS employees. In this respect. Chairman, VII CPC proposed that NC JCM staff side should submit the proposal for MTS to continue or to keep the erstwhile posts with their respective designation.

15) Removal of Grade Pay has been proposed by replacing the earlier existing scale of pay.

16) MACP: The present anomaly of Grade Pay Hierarchy while granting MACP has to be changed to promotional Hierarchy. Rectification of MACPs aberrations. Pay Commission has noted and is on the job.

17) Equal qualification in Recruitment Rules should be given equal pay scale based on Recruitment Rules. This was accepted by the commission.

18) Employees completed 12 months service become eligible for next annual increment but next day he/she is out of service due to retirement. He/She is not eligible for even pension benefit. This was noted and agreed to propose to give benefit in the pension by adding in the increment.

19) NPS: NPS is based on Parliament Act therefore it is not coming within the purview of VII CPC. However. he had agreed in the eanier meeting that he will call the PFRDA Chairman and discuss with them about the proposed Pension benefits. Accordingly, he called and discussed with them. Pay commission is of the opinion minimum Pension should be 50% of the last pay drawn and if it is less than that Government should contribute and if it is more than 50% of pay that should be allowed to be drawn. This must be ensured by PFRDA on that line Pay commission is proposing which is a welcome decision.

20) Educational Assistance: We have demanded for Educational Assistance for two children. instead of two eldest children. and also to pay the same for Post Graduate and Professional Courses. 7th CPC has agreed to consider it upto Graduation level.

21) Further proposals if any. commission is free to accept the proposals and it will be entertained.

General Secretary

Source: INDWF