Imposing the condition of 50 Kms to avail Hostel Subsidy is not acceptable : NFIR

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
3, Chelmsford Road, New Delhi – 110 055

No. II/28/Part. V

Dated: 10.04.2015

The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Children Education Allowance/Hostel Subsidy – Clarification -reg.

Ref: DC/JCM Item No.1/20I2 discussed with the Railway Board on 26th & 27th June2 012.

Federation invites kind attention of the Railway Board to the issues pending with the Railway Board on the subject under DC/JCM Item No.1/2012.

2. In this connection, NFIR desires to state that as per extant instructions, the term “Hostel Subsidy” means expenses incurred by the Railway employees to meet with the Hostel fees if his/her children who have been studying in the school/college located at a minimum distance of 50 Kms., Federation desires to reiterate that there are institutions/colleges in various cities where the students are mandatorily required to opt for Hostel, those who do not opt are denied admission. In view of this reality of situation, imposing the condition of 50 Kms., distance is unjustified and therefore needs to be withdrawn.

3. It has also been reported to NFIR by its affiliate SERMC that the South Eastern Railway Authorities have imposed another condition that the distance of 50 Kms., is to be certified by the District Revenue Officer of the State Government every time the claim is made.

4. Federation further desires to bring to the notice of Railway Board following contradictory situations,arising out of extant provisions:

(i) Para 1(a), (e) & (i) of DoP&T O.M. dated 02nd September 2008 circulated under Railway Board’s letter dated 01/10/2008 (RBE 135/2008) clarifies that the Children Education Allowance and Hostel Subsidies are distinct, Railway employees cannot claim both concurrently.

(ii) Instructions issued by the Railway Board under letter dated 07/06/2013 (RBE- 55/2013), (further reference to question No. 9 of DoP&T O.M. No.21/011/08/2013-Estt./AL) have clarified that Hostel Subsidy includes fee charged for boarding and lodging in addition to fee mentioned in para 1(e) of DoP&T O.M. dated 2nd September 2008.

The position brought out above shows that the two OMs are contradictory and are not conveying clear cut institctions for payment of Children Education Allowance and Hostel Subsidy.

NFIR., therefore, requests the Railway Board to examine the points raised above and arrange to issue clarificatory instructions to the Zonal Railways/PUs to remove confusion. A copy of the instructions issued may be endorsed to the Federation.

Yours faithfully,
(Dr. M. Ragnhvaiah)
General Secretary