A new PhD Programme in India

A PhD programme to boost quality research was launched last week. The Intel PhD sponsorship programme is being supported by the government of India.

“There is a need to shift the focus to innovation and IT creation. This programme encourages research, which is the need of the Educationhour both for Intel and India” says Kumud Srinivasan, president , Intel India.

The programme will provide research opportunities for students in cutting-edge technology as well as provide a platform for sharing industry knowledge and mentoring from senior technology leaders at Intel through industry fellowships, research travel grants and contingency grants to the selected students.

“We have identified different areas of research — parallel computing , architecture, graphics, sensing, validation , power management , perceptual computing , communication — and the applications will be evaluated on these areas. Professors will nominate students. As of now, we have targeted 20 institutes which can participate in the programme. The idea is to accelerate the rate of innovation in these institutes that we have chosen,” she said.