KANPUR: The flying squad of Chhatrapati Sahuji Maharaj University on Friday had detected mass copying at Dayanand Danku Paraga College in Ghatampur.

The squad alleged that mass copying had taken place and it was evident from the copies of examinees as each had same words and sentences and same length and serial number of answers.

MASS COPYINGThe flying squad raided the college on Wednesday and caught a student with copying material. When it was cross-checked with copies of other examinees it was found that number of answers and language and the serial number was same in all the copies. The college principal was informed about it. Principal Satya Prakash Gupta countered the charges and stated that last year same members of flying squad had raided the college and had demanded money. This year, the same squad had raided again and demanded Rs 1 lakh. When he refused to grease their palms, the squad members lodged a fabricated report.

CSJMU registrar Syed Waqar Husain stated that report of flying squad was presented before unfair means committee.

Meanwhile, a flying squad caught seven examinees from separate rooms in a college of Kanpur Dehat. Matter had been reported to the university authorities.

In the mean time, Kanpur University Teachers Association president RK Singh completed his inquiry in Girishanand Degree College of Kannauj and reported that charges levelled against the college authorities were true and correct. Students had alleged that college staff had realized Rs 200 to 500 from 300 students as additional fee for the disbursement of admission card. Principal Raghvendra Dev had been intimated.