Here are top 10 destinations to catch the best spectacle…

1. Haleakala National Park, Hawaii, USA
Boarding a bus in the wee hours of the morning is a pain, particularly on vacation when the greatest indulgence is sleeping in. But the alarm-clock acknowledgement is worth it if the payoff is watching a sunrise from above the clouds, on the top of a volcano. Various van tours offer the trip through Haleakala National Park in Maui, picking visitors up at 3 am and dropping them off to see the event from the summit. The view is worth the travel time!

2. Svalbard, Norway
The sun rising here holds an almost magical appeal for visitors. Situated north of the Arctic Circle, the northernmost inhabited spot on the planet features the midnight sun, a phenomenon where the sun stays continuously in the sky for 24 hours a day. Glaciers and mountains clutter Svalbard’s horizon, painting a landscape that merely enhances the event.

3. Angkor Wat Siem Reap, Cambodia
Angkor Wat any time of day is powerful, but arriving early enough to watch the sunrise offers visitors an even greater spectacle. The preserved temple attracts travellers from around the world, providing them insight into Khmer and Hindu mythology and history. It’s advisable to dedicate more than a day to explore the sacred grounds.

4. Fiji 
Smack dab on the 180-degree longitude line, Fiji is one of the first spots in the world to see thesun rise every day. The South Pacific destination is a favourite among lovers of turquoise seas and white-sand beaches. Tip: Follow an sunrise up with a morning exploration; the ‘soft coral capital of the world’ offers some of the best scuba diving in the world.

5. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a fun attraction for adventure travellers. You have one of the most enchanting sunrises in the world here. From Kili’s summit — 19,341 feet above sea level — dedicated souls can soak up the sights.

6. Stonehenge, England
Equinox devotees gather here every year for the Vernal Equinox. A place of sun worship still, Stonehenge is a mysterious destination that holds deep spiritual value for travellers. Stonehenge is also known for its magical sunrise. 7 TRES CRUCES, PERU A six-hour bus ride from Cuzco, the gateway to Machu Picchu, Tres Cruces is undeniably worth the long trek. It presents a mind-blowing sunrise to visitors. The view boasts celestial hues and camera moments from above the clouds.

8. Tulum, Mexico
The coastal oasis of Tulum draws spiritual travellers and yoga-types year-round to soak up exquisite culture, history and scenery all in a single spot. Visitors are up with the sun (and often in bed shortly after the sun goes down). No need to set an alarm in Tulum, where sun worshippers gather at the shoreline daily to watch the sunrise.

9. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
The most impressive sunrises in the United States occur every day across the Grand Canyon. Cool purples melt into shades bronze and orange against the inspiring scenery, arguably Maricopa, Hopi, and Mather points and spots along the South Rim are recommended as places to catch the best sunrise.

10. Mount Sinal, Egypt
First a history refresher: Jews, Christians and Muslims alike believe that Moses received the 10 Commandments at the biblical Mount Sinai, as said to be mentioned in the Torah, Bible and Koran. An important religious destination, Mount Sinai today draws believers who scale the route by foot for religious purposes, and for the chance to see one of the most inspiring sunrises in the world.